50+ Crazy Cheap Gadgets You can Buy off Amazon Right Now

With the internet now days, buying gadgets and cool shit is just a click away. Problem is not every can afford a levitating bluetooth speakers, self-heating razor blades, and rolling TV’s.

Maybe you just got a couple bucks in your virtual wallet and in need some crazy cheap gadgets or just some cool shit on Amazon. Well, the work has been done my friend! These are 50+ crazy cheap gadgets you can on Amazon right now… you’re welcome.

1. Mini Waffle Maker

Get your waffle fix with one of the cheapest and probably smallest waffle maker you’ll ever find on Amazon. They even got one with the shape of a heart!

2. Credit Card Wallet Tool

“Say hello to my little 11-function stainless steel wallet tool friend.”

3. Selfie Ring Camera Light

On a budget but don’t want people on your instagram knowing that? Invest in a selfie ring light to seem more important than you actually are. It’s a very cheap gadget and effective!

4. Rear View Mirror Spy Glasses

Are you a naturally sneaky person or maybe extremely paranoid? Know who’s behind you at all times with some rear view spy glasses!

5. DIY Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Warning: Do not attempt this at home if your shit at making paper airplanes. I repeat, if you’re shit at making paper airplanes. Otherwise, hell yeah, electric paper airplanes!

6. Scalp Messager (for deep relaxation)

Tired of your S.O. asking you to scratch their head all the time? No? Just me? Scalp messagers still feel nice, even if you’re S.O.less (aka single).

7. Meat Shredding Beast Clawz

Find something more manly that shredding up an entire tri-tip steak with some beast clawz, not to mention the free ebook that comes with it to read on your little kindle tablet.

8. Beard Shaping Tool

Save your money going to the barber for something you could do yourself (possibly better). Give your beard that fresh, clean look with a simple tool.

9. Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Magnet

No more opening up the damn dishwasher to see if your plastic sporks are clean or dirty. Just get a magnet to tell you already!

10. Survival Paracord Bracelet

Crazy cheap and real effective! This paracord bracelet‘s got a built-in fire starter, compass, whistle, tiny emergency blade  and unravels 12ft. of military grade paracord. Will hold anyones fat ass up to 550lbs! Aside from the jokes, this thing can be used for tying criminals hands up, makeshift dog leash, pitching a tent, even burn the damn thing to get a fire going.

11. Fruit Stabby Spray Bottle

Needing a spritz of citrus stat? Stab this sprayer into any type of citrus and use it as your personal spray bottle! I love how if you don’t suck it dry, simply store it in the fridge.

12. Non-Contact Infrared Temp Gun

For a laser temperature gun, I seriously don’t think you can find cheaper on Amazon. Unless it’s a gift but that doesn’t count! It’s infrared for all your temperature sensing needs. Useful for finding the hottest spots in your home to cool down.

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13. Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb

Building up a smart home?  Smart light bulbs are a perfect place to start! Choose from cool white colors to warmer for a relaxing atmosphere, all from your phone. Only uses 9W and you can even schedule it to automatically turn on and off. Now you can even make your light bulbs your b****.

14. World’s Smallest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If size matters, this ain’t the speaker for you. But in all fairness for being the world’s smallest portable speaker, it’s quite loud. Don’t expect much treble or bass but it will last you 2 hours of playtime and up to 30ft. for bluetooth. Pretty good for a microspeaker, huh?

15. Cap Zappa Bottle Cap Opener/Launcher

Don’t toss those bottle caps out just yet. Load one into a cap zappa, then you can say you’re gonna bust a cap in someones ass (preferably someone you know). 

Make a game with it! Cap zappa beer pong, if you miss you gotta drink the beer you just opened. Not recommended for alcoholics because they might wanna keep playing.

16. Overflow Drain Cover (for ya tub)

Need I explain this one? Anyone who loves a good bath might just know the struggle of the backup drain depriving you of your water. Genius gadget on Amazon, this overflow drain cover still drains excess water and won’t cut ya short.

17. Clip-On Strainer

Have you lost too many good noodles down the drain or simply don’t have a strainer? This clip-on strainer is the perfect cheap gadget for your draining needs. No more need to hold memorial services for each noodle that’s been lost.

18. Smart Notebook

Wish there was a cheaper way to upload your notes from paper than buying a smart pen? Anything can be written in this 80-page smart notebook, then instantly uploaded to your phone. Once those pages are filled, you simply throw the notebook in the microwave. You can’t make this stuff up people, don’t let anyone see you doing that or they might try to sign you up for mental therapy or something.

19. Grooming Pet Gloves

A pair of these gloves make it quite easy to deshed your furry friend. The rubber bristles are soft enough for your pet to like it, but sturdy enough to get stubborn hair off. Genius invention, as you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

20. Universal Socket Tool 7mm-19mm

Is there such a thing as a minimalist mechanic? Probably not, but if you’re looking to save space in your garage, this universal socket tool could be an answer to your problem. Works with your favorite power drill, grasping hex nuts, hooks, screw eyes, even bolt heads.

21. Microwave Steam Cleaner

The microwave is the one place people hate looking, stuff explodes and it’s a pain in the ass to clean. Toss this doll in the microwave to steam clean and freshen it. Makes it super easy to remove even months worth of gunk (you know who you are).

22. Blacklight UV Flashlight

I recommend not buying one of these if you’re afraid of what you might find with it, especially in hotels. But if you want to keep your home clean and smelling nice, I’d recommend getting a blacklight flashlight. See what spots you missed cleaning, making the days you deep clean a breeze.

23. USB Clock Fan

Who tells time while providing a decent amount of cool air? This USB clock fan does, that’s who! Don’t hit your face on it.

24. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Infuse your own fruit, veggies, and herbs in your water with Hydracy! Add orange for a much better alternative than a sports drink while getting some vitamin c at the same time.

25. 16-Color LED Motion Sensor Toilet Light

As if waking up half asleep in the middle of the night just to piss isn’t annoying enough. Aiming is a whole nother challenge, not with this motion sensor toilet light though! Plus it looks like you’re doing your business into some portal to a different planet.

26. Fruit Slicer Kitchen Tool

Works for cucumber, bananas, sausage, kiwis, and other things you want to mutilate. It’s super cheap but kind of useless for cutting bananas to be honest. Cutting a banana with a spoon is easy, hell even a stick outside could slice one up. Cutting up cucumbers would be pretty sweet though.

27. Anti-Sleepy Acupuncture Device

For me personally, I have one hell of a time staying awake while driving long distances. Don’t get me started when I turn the A/C on in my car. This acupuncture device sense pulses to your ears, almost like riding a lightning bolt. No way you’re going to sleep with these on your ears! You’ll look slightly dumb with them on but i’s better than falling asleep on the wheel, in a meeting, or doing your homework even.

28. The Sushi Bazooka

If you’re not the best at rolling your own sushi, get a sushi bazooka! Load it up with whatever you want and bang, you’ll get one sexy-looking sushi roll. Although do note, it’ll come out about 100x slower than an actual bazooka, who knew.

29. 3D Visual Optical Illusion LED Lamp

Pimp out your pad with this dope optical illusion LED lamp! They sell all different kinds of shapes and random objects, makes it look like the hand is coming out of the stand.

30. Silicone Hand Scrubber

This silicone scrubber is for all around use. Clean your dishes, pets, upholstery, yourself, dirty walls, even gently lifting stains out of your clothing. Oh, and it’s reuseable (duh).

31. Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Cheapest)

This is one of the cheapest bluetooth speakers out there! All around average quality for the price, not to mention the plethera of good reviews! If life’s rough and ya still want to bump to some tunes, I say go for it!

32. Bullshit Button

Friend telling you a story that isn’t true, hit the bullsh** button! Co-worker thinks he’s the sh**, hit the bullsh** button! The button will call it, just as you see it.

33. Multitool Survival Axe

When I say axe, I mean a miniature axe. You can be a little lumberjack, choippin’ down twigs. Still a cool gadget when those small tasks pop-up! Such as an emergency situation where you don’t have a bottle opener for your beer.

34. Elastic Folding Umbrella Hat

As goofy as these look, they could be seriously useful when you’re out on the water fishing, gardening, or simply got your hands full. The umbrella straps right on your noggin’ with ease. You gotta check out these product photos though, they’re hilarious. It ain’t even raining with this guy with the dogs.

35. LED Strip Lights

These are some of the cheapest and most popular light strips on Amazon. Really brings a fun vibe to your home, man cave, or theater system. All your friends are gonna want to chill at your place for game night!

36. Silicone 3D Skull Ice Mold Trays

Really bring a drink to life with an ice skull. Somewhat small but can definitely get you through a glass of bourbon. Impress your guests as well. The trick is to use cooled off water that’s been boiled for clear ice skulls. Freeze a ton of em ahead of time for parties!

37. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

One of the cheapest electric hand warmers out there on Amazon. Includes a built-in rechargeable 5200mAh battery keeping you warm up to 10 hours, great if you live in the colder regions. This little guy also charges your phone.

38. Binary Matrix Waterproof LED Watch

This simple yet futuristic-looking watch will have people looking everywhere! Ironically, there’s really nothing futuristic about it. Tells the time and looks badass, what else do ya need?

39. Aluminum Phone Holder

Too damn tired of propping your phone up on random objects? Get a phone stand already and struggle no more my friend. Cool and one of the cheapest stands you’ll find on Amazon. Watch movies horizontally, look up recipes in your kitchen without getting it dirty, or face timing friends or family. Youtubers must have one strong arm from holding their phone outwards all the time…

40. 30″ Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool

Pretty impressive this thing can pull 9lbs. They say 15lbs. but trust me. You can pull something up to 9lbs, still a lot of weight though. I can see this tool being a great help to the elderly, if you drop keys, screws, or things in hard to get places. Nice little backup gadget to keep in your car or garage.

41. Ultrasonic Dog Bark Training Gadget

Great alternative than a shock collar to training your dog to be obedient. This ultrasonic dog bark gadget creates a sound your pets don’t like, but it’s harmless to the dog or you. Also, works for self-defence against a dog without harming them. 

42. Automatic Can Opener

Get any can open, wherever you go. Whether you’re on the road, camping, or wanting a quick eat on a backpacking trip. An electric can opener makes a great gadget, especially if you suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or just straight up hand pain!

43. Wireless Stereo Headphone Beanie

No one would suspect that you and your beanie is having a little jam session up there. This wireless beanie has stereo sound and made with soft acrylic with polar fleece lining for comfortability. I’d totally wear these in class, to work, no one would even know!

44. Copper Grill Mats

BBQ like a pro, these non-stick copper grill mats lay right over your BBQ, making grilling a very simple clean up. Keeps the oil and juices in your burger instead of inside the grill. Cut ’em to whatever size you want!

45. Handheld Milk Frother

You know that foam you get from ordering a latte or cappuccino at your local coffee house? This milk frother hooks you up with foam as well! Just set this bad boy in your cup and let it do the rest.

46. Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser

Got that one essential oil that just relaxes you, making you feel at home? Consider a real cheap silent aromatherapy diffuser, made for small rooms and on the go travel. Road trip anyone?

47. Coin Pocket Organizer

Anyone who can’t stand loose change, this cheap gadget holds all your coins. Quarters for the laundry, parking, or a bus trip. Load it up!

48. Pen Pocket Multitool

Why not get the most out of your pen? These cheap multi-tool pens not only write, they’re a ruler, a bubble level, philips + flathead screwdriver, and a stylus for your phone. Real handy for keeping around the house or your workshop.

49. Stainless Steel Bar

Know any avid cookers or maybe work as a line cook? This rub away stainless steel bar removes any odors from your hands. Whether you’re working with onions, garlic, fish, ect., this’ll remove that stentch!

50. Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer

No one likes eating that fibrous skin as it’s such a pain to cut out. A pineapple corer makes it super easy with little to no mess. Kitchen gadgets for life!

51. Digital Kitchen Scale

One the most highly rated scales and one of the cheapest too! Everyone needs a scale when they’re needing to measure their gains intake. Watching the amounts and what you eat is essential to maintaining a fit bod.

52. Fingerless Flashlight Gloves

Tired of being without light when working? These gloves bring light where ya need it, under a car, truck, construction, or working under your house!

53. Multipurpose Opener Grips

These grips make opening jars a breeze! From jam jars, pickled items, to that damn mason jar that just won’t open. Also, opens bottles as well!

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  1. Lot’s of fun ideas here! I already have a few of them in my cart, just waiting for a few more for the free shipping.
    Do you happen to know how well the bluetooth speaker works? I have not had good luck with items like that but I need one. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Irma,

      Well thanks! These are some of the coolest gadgets I could find on Amazon that are just crazy cheap. I totally feel you with that free shipping on Amazon haha. You gotta hop on that save train, am I right?

      If you’re talking about the Zosam bluetooth speaker, remember that it’s not a $100 speaker or $50 in fact. It’s only $11 haha so on that note, it’s decent quality for the price. A few things here and there, like a weird instruction manual and the LED light can be annoying. Just gotta work out the kinks, but it’s quite loud for its size and I bet you’d get more out of it with a ceramic bowl or a material that resonates sound good. With over 2,000 reviews and 3.8 stars, it’s one product Amazon recommends for cheap bluetooth speakers.

      Feel free to ask any more questions Irma at nate@gadgetgauge.com, I’ll catch ya around! God bless and have a great day.


  2. I like all the gadgets you have taken the time to research and share. I had no idea many of them even existed. I also like how they are affordable as well as useful and helpful.
    I think my husband would love the wireless stereo headphone beanie. He often wears a socking cap to keep his head warm and the stereo would be an added plus when he is working outside. I will have to keep it in mind for Father’s Day.
    My mom has a mini waffle maker and I think it is pretty cool! It is the perfect for making kid sized waffles.
    So many neat gadgets. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Hi there Sharon,

      Yeah, isn’t cool that even the cheapest gadgets can be quite unique and useful (sometimes a couple laughs as well). That’s right, Father’s Day is right around the corner! Those wireless stereo headphones I thought were pretty dope. My first thought was using them if music helps you focus during class and no one would know haha.

      Oh, nice. What brand is the mini waffle maker? I’m curious how small a waffle maker can get hah, this one is the smallest I could find.

      It’s a pleasure, see around Sharon and god bless!


  3. Well that was a bunch of pretty cool stuff.
    Some people have some good imagination that for sure.
    So many ideas I would not of thought about in a million years, some very practical gadgets too.
    I think I will do what one your other commenters doing too and try get the free shipping:) cheap is good cheaper is better lol

    • Hi Sam Frederiksen,

      Hell yeah! Haha I love cheap stuff, especially when it’s useful and cool to look at. The inventions people are continuously producing are incredible, simply why I love blogging about the latest gadgets that come out!

      I totally feel about that Amazon free shipping after like $25 bucks. I’ll buy the stuff I need and just top that mark off with some random dinky item haha.

      Thanks for stopping by Sam, have a great day and God bless!


  4. That credit card wallet tool seems to come in handy for my husband. I’ve seen one of those from my cousin but for got to ask him where he got it. What I want for myself is that digital kitchen scale. I hope I can use it not only for food measuring but with my Essential Oils as well.

    • Hi Maureen Bonifacio,

      Isn’t that neat? So many functions in one tool and it fits in your wallet, pretty dope gadget. A scale is great in the kitchen, a cheap one that works the same is even better, am I right? May I ask what you mean about using your essential oils, like measuring them out?

      Let me know haha, have a great day Maureen. God bless!


  5. Hi Nate!

    haha – so many funny gadgets. There are really a lot of innovative people out there.
    And some are actually useful for me – or my wife 🙂


    • Hey there George,

      Well, thank you. If you or anyone is on a budget, show ’em these real cheap gadgets off Amazon! Maybe some can save you time and money.

      Have a great day George and God bless!


  6. Hey Nate, awesome post of fun things to look at!

    Can’t believe the notebook can go in the microwave!
    The skull ice cubes are a great idea, especially for Halloween!
    “Plus it looks like you’re doing your business into some portal to a different planet.” Haha!!
    The flashlight gloves remind me of something out of the Iron Man movies.

    Cool site!

    • Hi Ben,

      Yeah, isn’t that weird? Imagine seeing someone throw that smart notebook into the microwave, you’d think they were psychotic. Oh, hell yeah, those skull ice molds are bad ass! I recommend using a paper towel to absorb some of the water after it’s put into the molds. This will get rid of that stem at the top when the skulls freeze.

      Totally not as cool or stylish for that matter haha, but those flashlight gloves could really help when you’re working on your car or something. I just know doing maintenance on anything is a pain in the ass when you gotta hold a flashlight.

      Glad ya like it Ben, see ya around and God bless!


  7. Hi, Nate!
    Wow, got some crazy, but neat, stuff here. I love the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, and I could do with those spy glasses too, lol. Thanks so much for pointing these gadgets out. Amazon is so jammed with products, I’d never have found those without you. Sweet of you for taking the time to point those bargains out.

    Keryn 🙂

    • Hi there Keryn Sanchez,

      You’re damn straight hah! That Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is pretty neat, especially for such a cheap price. Those spy glasses are one of my favorites though, you can find them at certain odd stores all around, but these don’t actually make you look stupid. Amazon is loaded, tell me about it.

      You bet Keryn, happy you stopped by. God bless!


  8. Excellent Ideas !
    really enjoyed your article and defiantly will keep in mind some of this stuff, their cheap and they are fun !
    Thank you !

    • Hi Alex,

      It’s my pleasure my guy! When it comes to gadgets, especially cheap ones I get amped up. Love those savings! These are only some of the cheapest gadgets you’ll find on Amazon, that’s for sure.

      Thanks for stopping my Alex, God bless.


  9. This is such an awesome list, and I didn’t even think I would find such a cool list. The skull ice molds are especially cool. The binary matrix LED watch is pretty nice, as well. I love hearing about gadgets like these.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Well thanks, I put together only the ones I know are quality and of course, the cheapest! Oh, there was someone else who was hooked on those ice skull molds as well, they work really well too, it’d be really hard if the material wasn’t silicone to get the ice skull to come out. As I told him, I recommend using a paper towel after you’ve sealed the mold and put water in it to dampen the top hole. Doing so removes that little stick of ice you’ll see after it freezes, just a tip 😉 Hey man, if you’re short on dough, that watch will definitely turn some heads but not for how cheap it is haha. It’s super simple but looks futuristic!

      Don’t worry Matthew, I’ll keep it flowin’ for you guys. God bless man and you have a wonderful day!


  10. Nate! Thanks for posting. I already own the Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Magnet, it’s definitely handy. Would be helpful if you could include the prices for each item.

    • Hi Temi,

      You’re very welcome! Oh yeah, before you got one, wasn’t it so damn annoying not knowing if the dishes were clean or dirty. Then if they were dirty, you’d get that waft of dirty dishes. Including the price is something I am considering, thanks for that.

      See ya and God bless!


  11. Awesome List Nate, Love the USB clock fan and definitely putting the Stereo speaker beanie on the list. What a great idea.

    • What’s up Riley,

      Hey! I’m glad ya like it 🙂 Hell yeah! That USB clock fan is a popular one, really cool how it displays the time as it spins.

      Thanks for stopping by Riley, God bless and see ya!


  12. Hi Nate,

    great post, this one of the best list I’ve ever seen. I love the idea of Sushi bazooka. I’m huge fan of sushi, however rolling sometimes makes me crazy. I definitely need to buy it.

    • Hey there Kamil,

      Well thanks! You’re the first one I’ve heard talk about the Sushi Bazooka haha. That things dope huh, have you ever watch Rhett and Link (a youtube channel)? They were reviewing some Amazon products and the sushi bazooka was one of em’. It works surprisingly well, believe it or not.

      Sushi on my friend, goodnight and God bless!


  13. Nice blog Nate, some cool gadgets I might try myself.

  14. Wow, you have a bunch of cool things. Some of the I already have, like scalp massager. It is really good thing and I like it very much. I tried to massage my grandsons’ head ( he is 4 years old) ,oh boy, we got a lot of fun!Rear view mirror spy glasses looks cool too.Should I try to buy them for fun? Mini waffle maker is a good idea to make mini waffles for kids.Thanks for sharing all these gadgets!

    • Hello there JidroneP,

      I really want to buy that scalp massager for my girlfriend because she’s asking all the time for me to scratch her head haha, she doesn’t want it. Those spy glasses are pretty fun to use, I chose these particular ones because they’re stylish and meant for everyday use ya know? Not just some gag gift. I’ll admit, as a kid mini waffles would have been the sh**! Amazon is loaded with cool stuff you simply can’t find in a store near you, it’s crazy.
      Happy you stopped by JidroneP! God bless and have an awesome morning…


  15. Nate, this is such an interesting list. Thanks for putting it all together! I will really want to get that DIY paper airplane conversion kit, my boys are so going to love this. And for myself – clip on strainer, and microwave steam cleaner, of course!

    • Hi Joo,

      Well thanks! It’s nothing, I enjoy doing it 🙂 I’m sure your kids would have a lot of fun with that DIY paper airplane kit, you can fold all kinds of different airplane models for it too. When I think about that clip-on strainer, I think about not burning my hands with steam when using a lid hah. Oh if you love to clean, that microwave steam cleaner works great for built-on gunk. Microwaves are a pain to clean out in general.

      Glad to have you Joo, catch ya around and God bless!


  16. Wow I knew amazon had a lot of cool stuff but not on this level. You really can find anything on amazon. Thanks for the post man. I’ve always wanted a waffle iron and now I can get one, along with other cool stuff on amazon. Thanks again.

  17. What a great article! I love Amazon, as there are always so many things to look into and purchase.

    I’m particulary interested in the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. It seems like a great way to get in some extra water with a healthy dose of flavor.

    I love that the price on all of these items are reasonable.

    I also love essential oils, and it is nice to know there is an inexpensive diffuser available!

    • Hi there Isabelle,

      Well thanks, I always love to hear feedback on Gadget Gauge! I can’t believe how far Amazon as come as being pretty much the king of ecommerce. Ever wonder how long they’ll last or who’s next in line?

      As essential water is to human life, I’m sure it gets boring for a lot of people. I was surprised to see how cheap it was on Amazon, lemon or lime water is real refreshing!

      It is the title of the post after all haha. We’re glad you stopped by Isabelle, thanks and God bless!


  18. Thank you for taking the time to put this article together. Makes the life easier when looking for a little gift for someone. And maybe not just for someone 😉 I might actually get a couple for myself too! Thanks again!

    • Hi Martina,

      You’re very welcome. Wanting to help people out who don’t have that much cash in the bank but still want a taste of that gadget life. Haha any gift to yourself has gotta be a good gift, am I right?

      Catch ya around. God bless and have a cool evening!


  19. Hi Nate, so many great ideas in this post I’m not sure how to prioritize lol. Btw where did you pick up the tip about the skull ice cubes? I like the idea but would definitely go for another shape over skulls. I’m always interested in Bluetooth speakers as I’ve tried a few that haven’t worked too well for me in the past but I keep persevering, one must work eventually.

    • What’s Tamika G!

      Glad to see ya around 🙂 This list is for anyone who loves some neat gadgets for all different kinds of uses but doesn’t have the dough for it. Oh yeah, the ice skull cubes! I know a friend who bought a set a while back and gave me some advice because I had just bought it. You should look on Amazon, I feel like you can find ice molds for just about anything! Well, I’ll tell ya that if you’re on a cheap budget, a speaker as cheap as $10 might not be your first choice. I can’t say it’s got a kickin’ bass but if you’re wanting a decent simple bluetooth speaker, look no further my friend. If you got more money I’d say buy a JBL speaker, those are my favorite. Obviously not something cheap but I got a JBL Charge 3 a while back and those overall are fantastic, they’re very well-rounded, i.e. the bass kicks hard for the size, clear, and loud.

      Just let me know Tamika, I’ll definitely see ya around hah. God bless and have a great evening!


  20. Hey, Nate!

    Great site. I like how you engage people to ask questions about the products. I didn’t know there were so many of these crazy cheap gadgets you could buy off Amazon and they’re actually cool!

    For instance, the coin pocket organizer, how many coins does it hold??

    • Hi Kalaya Muk,

      Well, thanks! Of course, I try to offer the most support to the people who read my blog, where they can discover the gadgets out there! Or in this case, the crazy cheap gadgets on Amazon, haha. On Gadget Gauge, you better believe it’s gonna be something dope!

      Oh, the pocket coin organizer. Man if you hate loose change, get a couple of these bad boys! They’ll hold up to 18 coins, or $4.50 in quarters 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and God bless.


  21. Nice article man! A lot of gadgets that are actually useful or just funny. Must have taken you some time to find all of this stuff… Very thorough work.

    I think I’ll get the Credit Card Wallet Tool and Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. I also like that Bullshit Button! 🙂

    • Hi Joonas,

      Thanks! Glad you noticed hah it took a minute to put together,

      I think anyone could benefit from that credit card wallet tool, as it fits right in your wallet and has a ton of features. You know, that fruit infuser water bottle was a lot cheaper than I was thinking for a gadget like that on Amazon. Anywho, keeps ya hydrated and isn’t just plain old water!

      Happy you stopped by Joonas, thanks again and God bless!


  22. Nice article full of random, absolutely random ideas. For me, I love the meat claw and I could also go for the sunglasses, as I can use a new pair. The lightbulb is another. I’d be binge shopping right now, or you know what, in about six months before Christmas I may have to use this article for a Christmas list.

    • Hi Todd P Matthews,

      Haha you’re right, this list has no specific category except crazy cheap gadgets off Amazon. Hell yeah, I’d love to tear a tri-tip apart with those meat claws! Those sunglasses could be pretty dope too, for actually spying on people or maybe you’re just extremely paranoid. This is totally one of those binge shopping lists, just one of the cheaper ones 🙂 Oh there will definitely be all kinds of gadgets for Christmas, I’ll tell ya that!

      Thanks for stopping by Todd, have a great night and God bless!


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