Arduino Uno vs Arduino MKR Series

The Arduino Uno board has been a staple in the maker and professional development industry, having a huge reliable online community and resources to tackle any developmental obstacle. While the Uno board is diverse in its application to many industries, Arduino has a specific series that is meant to tackle the growing industry of IoT development – the Arduino MKR series.

The MKR series may be the go-to-boards for IoT development even for people that have minimal previous experience in networking, but the Uno is a strong option. We’ll look at the advantages of each board so you can decide which board is best suited to your project.

Form Factor & Details

Most people know the size for the Uno (being 2.7” x 2.1”), but since the MKR series are built for IoT development, its form factor is efficiently packed to fit in almost any design with its 2.42” x 0.98” frame for all MKR boards.
If cost is a factor in your development, it can range from board to board as the MKR series have 5 (6 if you include header/non-header versions) boards in its series. The Arduino Uno comes in at around $19.99 while the MKR series can range from $24.24 to around $71.00 depending on which board you buy.

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