Google Code-in 2019

Google Code‑in 2019


Pre-university students ages 13 to 17 are invited to take part in Google Code-in: Our global, online contest introducing teenagers to the world of open source development. With a wide variety of bite-sized tasks, it’s easy for beginners to jump in and get started no matter what skills they have.
Mentors from our participating organizations lend a helping hand as participants learn what it’s like to work on an open source project. Participants get to work on real software and win prizes from t-shirts to a trip to Google HQ!
Google Code-in is a contest to introduce pre-university students (ages 13-17) to open source software development. Since 2010, over 8100 students from 107 countries have completed work in the contest.
Because Google Code-in is often the first experience many students have with open source, the contest is designed to make it easy for students to jump right in. Open source organizations chosen by Google provide a list of tasks for students to work on during the seven week contest period. A unique part of the contest is that each task has mentors from the organization assigned should students have questions or need help along the way.
Students choose tasks they wish to work on from the following categories: coding, documentation, training, outreach, research, quality assurance, and design. Students earn prizes for their successful completion of the tasks.
Stay tuned to the Google Open Source Blog for updates. To ask questions and learn from other students and mentors you can join the discussion list.


Google Code-in 2019 opens for pre-university students to register and start claiming tasks on December 2, 2019. The contest ends on January 23, 2020. Upon successful completion of tasks, eligible students can earn prizes (digital certificates, t-shirts, jackets) and grand prize winners will receive a trip to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California for themselves and a parent or legal guardian for 4 nights in June 2020.
Check out Getting StartedFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and the Contest Rules for more helpful information.

How it works

In the fall, Google chooses 25+ Open Source organizations to participate. The organizations create a large list of short (3-5 hour) tasks for students to work on. Tasks are categorized as: Code, Documentation/Training, Outreach/Research, Quality Assurance, or Design.
  • Coding
  • Documentation / Training
  • Outreach / Research
  • Quality Assurance
  • Design


  • Students search for a task that interests them and claim it. They have at least three days to complete it.
  • The student works on the task, getting guidance from mentors, if needed. Mentor and Student Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Once the student is ready, they submit their work for review through the contest website.
  • Mentors from the organization evaluate the work, provide feedback, and if it’s complete, accept it! Otherwise, specific feedback is provided, and the student updates the work.
  • Once a task is accepted, the student can claim another!


  • Participants who complete at least 1 task get a digital certificate!
  • Participants who complete 3 or more tasks receive a t-shirt too!
  • At the end of the contest, each organization will choose six finalists to receive limited edition Google Code-in jackets! Two finalists from each organization will be grand prize winners and go on a trip to Google Headquarters in California!
  • Digital Certificates
  • T-Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Grand Prize Trip
The contest begins for students on December 2, 2019 at 23:30 (India Standard Time)

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