How do Google Earn?

How does Google Earn?

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Business Model Of Google:

In Today’s blog I will tell you How Google Earns?

Whenever, You Search on Google You will see that some sites come on top and there is written
Ad below some sites.

Here, you can see Ad written in green box.
Yes, this is the way How Google Earns?

  • The Company gives money to Google.
  • Then Google, Uses it’s AI and when  anyone searches for anything related to that company it shows its Ad at first.
  • Companies are moving to online Ads cause Google or any other network only charge when someone like the Ad and click it.

Hey, Don’t go this is one way How Google earns Let me tell more.

The Second Way

The Second by which Google Earns money is by Ads but not Search  Ads but by You tube Ads.
Whenever You see the video, then some type of Ad comes. The 45% revenue from that Ad is taken by Youtube and another 55% is given to …..more.
And the Ads that come on the Websites.


-Team AnSam

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