How to score 99% in Maths

Class 10 Math

The CBSE Class 10 Class 10th mathematics focuses on the basic geometry, trigonometry and the concept of numbers. The subject helps to build a basic aptitude and concepts that would be beneficial for the students who wish to appear for the aptitude based tests in future.
  1. The class 10 Maths formulas are otherwise very general, but sometimes it is seen in the previous question papers that the questions are asked from the middle of such numerical which you have to identify it.
  2. The concepts/formulas sheet should be kept handy.
  3. You should know the usage of all the Maths formulas.
  4. If you really want to score an A1 in math exam, then it is really important to completely be in synch with your NCERT book. Almost the whole questions paper comprises of the concepts and formulas that are given in the NCERT book.
  5. If you are solving a problem based question, it is advisable to read the problem again and again to get the exact idea of what you’re being asked to solve.
  6. Write down in a rough paper, exact what it is given in the question paper and what you are asked to find. Then in a systematic way, try and find what is asked to you.
  7. Once the revision is done, start solving the sample papers, unsolved papers and practice papers within the given set of time.

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