Images of Night KL Skyline from My Old Olympus OM-D E-M5 (Original)

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A previous photography client was requesting for a old shot I did in 2012 and as I was in deep excavation into my hard disk storage, I pulled out additional images which I have taken during similar time period. I found some interesting old shots of KL night scene, all shot with the M.Zuiko 12-50mm kit lens on the first OM-D E-M5 camera. I was in situations that I wished I had the 7-14mm or anything wider than the 12mm on the kit lens to capture a wider scene. Unfortunately some of the spots that I took the images from were no longer accessible to me, and I am posting the images here in this blog entry to remind myself not to take things for granted. What is here readily available to us today may not be here anymore tomorrow. It is then crucial to make the best out of what we can at the present moment and worry about things when they are gone.

Looking at these old images, I cannot help but to be at awe at how much the image quality has improved over the new iterations of Olympus OM-D cameras. Even on the E-M1 (first 2013 version) the dynamic range, especially on the highlight region was better preserved (perhaps half a stop better) than the E-M5 original, as I did not remember having such extensive highlight clipping issues shooting similar scenes later using the E-M1. Of course for E-M1 Mark II the headroom is even raised further and as long as shooting under reasonable ISO numbers, the dynamic range is more than sufficient for all the photography that I am doing. I cannot say the same for you, since we are different photographers but I have not encountered a situation when I needed that much more dynamic range. I am speaking as an event, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer. If you do a lot of landscape or shoot in extremely challenging situation with difficult contrast, then I can understand the limitation and frustration you are dealing with.

I cannot wait for the rumored new camera to arrive. I sure hope Olympus paid more attention to the high ISO (I do at times, need one more stop usable ISO, that would be a huge advantage) as well as any improvement to the dynamic range is plus. I do not necessarily need more Megapixels (20 or even 16 is enough for all that I do). Unfortunately I do not work for Olympus anymore, I no longer have insider information so like everyone else here, I shall be tuning in to rumor sites and wait patiently.

What is your wishlist of features or improvements in the coming new Olympus OM-D camera?

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