NSEJS 2020 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths Syllabus.

NSEJS Syllabus 2020 for Physics

Physics is the most important subject for NSEJS. However, it takes more time than other subjects while preparing hence, daily cover one topic to get good marks in this section. Below are the NSEJS syllabus 2020 topics that were asked in the last year’s paper. Follow NCERT Class 10th science syllabus to get the detailed information on the given topics-

NSEJS Physics Syllabus 2020


Important Topics


Coulomb’s law, Combination Of Resistance, ohm’s Law, Potential,


Concave Mirror, Deviation Through Two Plane Mirror, T.I.R, Shadow


Unit Dimension


Echo, Node & Anti Node

Work, Energy & Power

Efficiency & Power




Radiation, Anomalous Behaviour of Water, Thermal Expansion

Rectilinear Motion

Equation Of Motion, Velocity

Simple Harmonic Motion

Simple Pendulum

NSEJS Syllabus 2020 for Chemistry

Chemistry contains both numerical and theoretical topics. Below are the important topics of the CBSE Class 10th syllabus of Science that students should cover to get good marks-

  1. Acids, Bases, And Salts

  2. Analytical Chemistry

  3. Carbon

  4. Equivalent Concept

  5. Metals And Non-Metals

  6. Mole Concept

  7. Periodic Table And Periodicity In Properties

  8. Study Of Gas Laws

NSEJS Syllabus 2020 for Biology

Biology is a theory subject and grabbing marks in this is much easier. Students are suggested to read NCERT Class 9th Science and 10th Science books to complete the entire NSEJS syllabus 2020.

NSEJS Biology Syllabus 2020


Important Topics


Chordates, Monera, Non-Chordates



Control and Coordination

Endocrine System, Nerve conductor, Sympathetic Nervous System

Cell Biology

Cell Organelles, Types of Cell

Human Health & Diseases



Asexual Reproductions

Heredity and Evolution

DNA Finger Printing, DNA

Microbes in Human Welfare

NSEJS Syllabus 2020 for Mathematics

Mathematics is the toughest subjects and it requires regular practice to get a hold on the concepts. Students should follow the NCERT Class 10th Maths books to complete the NSEJS syllabus 2020

  1. Permutation & Combination

  2. Arithmetic Progression

  3. Area Of Parallelogram & Triangles

  4. Circle

  5. Geometric Progression

  6. Linear Equation In Two Variable

  7. Number System

  8. Quadratic Equation

  9. Quadrilaterals

  10. Ratio & Proportion

  11. Similar Triangles

  12. Trignometry

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