Search Engine

Search Engines

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• What are Search Engines?

• How Search Engines work? And How Google works?

• Famous Search Engines

-What are search engines?

Search engines are Algorithms that help in finding stuff in the ocean of website.
Ask the eldest member of your family that what they do when there is no Google(Search Engines) like sites. They either have to memorise things or their are web directories of websites which are arranged category wise.
Example of web directory are:
Then Larry Page and Sergey Brin made an algorithm that solved this problem and known as .

-How Search Engines Works?

The first algorithm of Google was simple but know the algorithms are more advance and it’s impossible to crack them.

Now, How the first ever algorithm works for Search engines.
It’s simple Just Crawl and Index. The Bot(program) takes the famous sites and then add them to its index(Collection of Different sites), then goes to all link in that sites open them, add to index and repeat this process until the sites started repeating or they end.

Then anyone searches for “cat” Google Check how many pages have word “cat”. More the number of word more it will rank.
But now algorithms are more advance so it is impossible to crack. And this is how google works.

-Famous Search Engines

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