The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra rules mobile photography

Samsung shook the mobile phone industry earlier this year by releasing the Galaxy S20 Ultra with an incredible 108MP camera- the highest resolution sensor found on any phone. This allowed Samsung to create an incredibly flexible camera system on the Galaxy S20 Ultra that allows a user to shoot anything from an ultrawide shot to a highly zoomed shot at 100x to capture all details. 

The world has changed with the pandemic and has given us the time to learn and capture extraordinary moments that we’d normally miss out on.

108MP camera 

Where other companies were racing towards 40 or 50 MP sensors on their phone cameras, Samsung surprised the entire mobile phone industry by announcing a new take on a 108MP sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

The extremely large sensor on the Galaxy S20 Ultra allows the camera system to be used in many different ways and lets you capture details that have previously not been possible using a mobile phone. 

You can shoot a wide landscape at 108MP resolution and capture incredible amounts of detail that’s retained even after you crop the image. 

Aside from powerful hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s software and AI prowess change the way you capture your surroundings. From snapping wide detailed scenes to close ups of your favorite food dish, you’ll be snapping stunning images in no time. 

Space Zoom 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra features an industry leading 100x Space Zoom on a smartphone which allows you to see things your eye wouldn’t otherwise see. 

Video by asil.ab

With a high 108MP resolution and 100x Space Zoom, you’ll start noticing the tiniest details on close-up shots such as fur on pets, rocks and pebbles on mountains and threads on shirt. The power of Space Zoom allows you to get closer to your subject more than any other phone. 

Samsung makes it extremely easy to seamlessly switch between analog and digital zoom through software wizardry to provide a smooth and innovative experience for any shot at any zoom level. This is particularly helpful in scenarios when you are far from your object- such as capturing the beauty of a majestic bridge. 

One very important aspect of any camera with large zoom is preventing shaky hands. While tripods help, you don’t always carry one around with you and thus Samsung has built excellent stabilization on the Galaxy S20 Ultra for quick capture and non-blurry images. 

With the extremely large 108MP sensor and an even more impressive 100x Space Zoom, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers an exceptional photo shooting experience on a mobile phone. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Series comes in three stunning new colours. The Galaxy S20 + 5G is refreshed in Aura Red and Aura Blue colours while the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is refreshed with a gorgeous Cloud White colour.

Get yourself the Galaxy S20 Series on until 31st July 2020 and you can get your hands on a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds+ worth Dh529 for free.

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